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When it comes to SEO, most people know that a website must have content, "search engine friendly" site architecture/HTML, and meta data (title tags and meta descriptions).

Another meta element, if implemented improperly, that can also trip up websites is robots.txt. I was recently reminded of this while reviewing the website of a large company that had spent extensive money on building a mobile version of their website, on a sub-directory. That’s fine, but having a disallow statement in their robots.txt file meant that the website wasn’t accessible to search engines (Disallow: /mobile/)

Let’s review how to properly implement robots.txt to avoid search ranking problems and destructive your business, as well as how to correctly disallow search engine crawling.

What is a Robots.txt File?

Simply put, if you go to, you should see a list of directories of the website that the site owner is asking the search engines to "skip" (or "disallow"). However, if you aren’t careful when editing a robots.txt file, you could be putting information in your robots.txt file that could really hurt your business.

There's tons of information about the robots.txt file available at the Web Robots Pages, including the proper usage of the disallow feature, and blocking "bad bots" from indexing your website.

The general rule of thumb is to make sure a robots.txt file exists at the root of your domain (e.g., To exclude all robots from indexing part of your website, your robots.txt file would look something like this:

* Disallow: /cgi-bin/
Disallow: /tmp/
Disallow: /junk/

The above syntax would tell all robots not to index the /cgi-bin/, the /tmp/, and the /junk/ directories on your website.

Other Real Life Examples of Robots.txt Gone Wrong

In the past, I reviewed a website that had a good amount of content and several high quality backlinks. However, the website had virtually no presence in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

What happened? Penalty? Well, no. The site's owner had included a disallow to "/". They were telling the search engine robots not to crawl any part of the website.

In another case, a SEO company edited the robots.txt file to disallow indexing of all parts of a website after the site's owner stopped paying the SEO Company.

I also remember reviewing a company's website and noticing that quite a lot of directories that were part of their former site were disallowed in their robots.txt file. The company should have set up a 301 permanent redirect to pass the value from the old web pages on the site to the new pages instead of disallowing the search engines to index any of the old legacy pages. Thus, all of the value was lost.

Robots.txt Dos and Don't

There are many good reasons to stop the search engines from indexing certain directories on a website and allowing others for SEO purposes. Let's look at some examples.

Here's what you should do with robots.txt:

Take a look at all of the directories in your website. Most likely, there are directories that you'd want to disallow the search engines from indexing, including directories like /cgi-bin/, /wp-admin/, /cart/, /scripts/, and others that might include sensitive data.
Stop the search engines from indexing certain directories of your site that might include duplicate content. For example, some websites have "print versions" of web pages and articles that allow visitors to print them easily. You should only allow the search engines to index one version of your content.
Make sure that nothing stops the search engines from indexing the main content of your website.
Look for certain files on your site that you might want to disallow the search engines from indexing, such as certain scripts, or files that might contain email addresses, phone numbers, or other sensitive data.

Here's what you should not do with robots.txt:

Don't use comments in your robots.txt file.
Don't list all your files in the robots.txt file. Listing the files allows people to find files that you don't want them to find.
There's no "/allow" command in the robots.txt file, so there's no need to add it to the robots.txt file.
By taking a good look at your website's robots.txt file and making sure that the syntax is set up correctly, you'll avoid search engine ranking problems. By disallowing the search engines to index duplicate content on your website, you can potentially overcome duplicate content issues that might hurt your search engine rankings.

One last note: if you aren't sure whether you can do this correctly, please consult with a SEO professional.

Getting Approved Adsense Account

Dear Friends In this Post I will teach you the techniques and rules and regulations for getting permitted Google Adsense account in Pakistan and for worldwide. Google Adsense is a Google creation Which is Work as Publisher and advertiser both. So Google Adsense Account is extensively being Used for advertisements Purposes in worldwide. Now Peoples are move to Internet and the Advertisements are also moved on internet because our literate Peoples of the World moves on Internet and then Google which is big Search engine and being used 80% as Search engine on Internet and now Google launch many new products and adsense is also a Product of Google. Now in this Post i m going to tell you how you can get Adsense Account in Legal manners because mostly Peoples have good Websites and Blogs and they have also good traffic but they are not earn monies from there websites/blogs so they need a good money earner like Google Adsense to earn money through it. You Know adsense is 90% Peoples use to earn money Online but if they have good traffic on their blog then they can earn good one.Now I m going to share with you the tips and Important Rules and Regulations to get Approved & genuine Adsense Account Which is not disabled. If you Want to get Adsense Account then you must have a Website/Blog Which is must be filled with unique legal data and must be Adsense optimized, then surely you can get Adsense Account Within 2 or 3 weeks. So Follow the Below Instructions for getting Approved Adsense Account.

Instructions and Tips for Getting Approved Adsense Account:

1. First When your Website or blog is 3 weeks old then Apply for Google Adsense Account , Click here to Sign up or fill the form  for getting  Adsense account.
2. Your Website/Blog must be Seo optimized .
3. Your Blog/Website must have a good uniqe Content (Don’t Copy data from others Websites/blogs).
4. When you Filling the form for Adsense Account then must give the URL of your Website/blog to Show your ability for getting Approved Adsense account quickly.
5. The very Important is that your wbesite/blog did not contain Softwares and Games because it is against the Policies of Google Adsense .
6. When You will filling the form of Adsense account then must read its Terms and Conditions & Policies carefully, and do no go  against its Policies.
7. If You have unique content on your blog/website then Adsense team surely give you Approved Adsense Account within 4 weeks but if you follow all the above Instructions then you have no far to get Approved Adsense Account.

Note: Mostly Peoples are selling Adsense Account on Internet, beware from these Peoples and make your own adsense  account because it is totally free form any start up cost. So Contact with me if you have a good blog/Website i will try my best to assist you greatly. Below I m sharing the link of another Adsnese Post Which i was Published a month ago and this will also give you a lot of  Positive Information  About Google Adsense Account. If you have a website then it must be with domain and filled with unique data. and if you have blog you do not need domain but if you buy domain then it can be increase traffic on your site and but you must have unique data at least 50 posts initially on your blog.

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