DriverIdentifier V4.0 Free Download

Finding the right device drivers, it doesn't matter if it is a printer driver, modem driver or a USB driver can be time strong, and often impossible task! Driver Identifier was created because most times drivers are difficult to find or the manufacturer has stopped supplying the drivers.

·        DriverIdentifier will scan your hardwares using a unique technology. It will indicate the name of the manufacturer , version of your devices.

·        DriverIdentifier has huge record of drivers from all hardware manufacturers. It will give you the most updated drivers for your machine.

Driver Identifier Features:
       Automated drivers installation.
·        The program installs all required drivers to any computer in just about 5 minutes.
·        Saves Time and money…
·        No more wasting time looking for drivers; all required drivers will be installed by making only a few clicks.
·        Any drivers for any computer.
·        Simplifies downloading new drivers from the Internet.
·        Drivers update capability.
·        Updates previously installed drivers to their latest versions.
·        Windows XP / Vista / 7 (x86-x64)
·        Supports all modern operating systems!
·        Both 64-bit and 32-bit versions!
·        Easy to use.
·        Simple and foolproof interface.

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