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VideoPad Video Editor:
·         Fixed Trans_"Image Files" and "Sound Files" appear in EN.
·         Fixed on dialog "Effect Chain" in column "Settings" appear weird strings.
·         Fixed change duration of overlay works with problems.
·         Fixed overlay size change causes alignment tool to work unexpectedly.
·         Fixed application hangs when I try to save the attached project as 3D (videopad.exe-MAIN(Cmd1064))
·         Fixed after uninstall VideoPad, folder with data is not removed on disc.
·         Fixed VideoPad unable to import a particular AVI file.
·         Done "FastForward/Rewind" buttons in preview do not work if holding pressed button.
·         Done Chroma key for VideoPad.
·         Done merge separate VP projects into one big project.
·         Fixed user can rename added files with blank name.
·         Done subtitle not properly aligned when font size is maximum.
·         Fixed brightness effect. Gamma spin-box cannot be adjusted by mouse wheel.
·         Fixed Toolbar-> Save - VideoPad's window moves to background and appears save as window.
·         Fixed Mouse wheel has inverse influence on zoom slider.
·         Fixed 'Duration in seconds' fields lost cursor when you move mouse.
·         Fixed each click on an overlay clip moves this clip slightly to the right and it causes recalculating of this overlay clip.
·         Done option to add Fade In/Fade Out to text.
·         Fixed if manually delete x264.exe component, VP attempts to download it, but it absents on site.
·         Fixed unable to stabilize Sanyo recording.
·         Done the ability to directly share on Facebook.
·         Fixed zooming in does not correspond to zooming out.
·         Fixed failed Edit in external editor.
·         Fixed if user cancel verifying of burning then error message saying 'Failed create your movie' appears.
·         Done finish GUI for overlays.
·         Done in the Clip Preview, change behaviour for "Go to start point" to "go to in point"
·         Done Pan and Zoom - Proportions should stick to default.
·         Done some suggestions to the sound track n area.
·         Done default Aspect Ratio to Most Common Aspect Ratio.
·         Added an option to remove all effects.
·         Added visible mark at the main screen for mute clips.
·         Done let "Save as" Snapshots and other media to ie Add to Media List right click menu the item "Save As"
·         Added a checkbox to enable/disable chroma key.
·         Done Clips panel-> Next frame/previous frame - For selected clip on sequence.. If current frame is 1st or last in clip, let click on prev/next frame btns and load prev/next clip on sequence and show message.
·         Added support raw image formats (like Pixillion)
·         Fixed sometimes audio and video are not syncronized.
·         Fixed sometimes 'Creating your movie' window becomes not visible.
·         Fixed image overlay still visible in preview after being deleted.
·         Fixed VideoPad crashed if load attached avi file created by "Kega Fusion" software.
·         Done VideoPad for Dummies.
·         Done useful if there was a way to remove entire soundtracks.
·         Added new controls for H264 encoder settings.
·         Added H264 encoder uses multiple CPU cores when possible.
·         Added new audio equaliser dialog.
·         Added ability to anchor the Overlay Items to clip.
·         Added to Record Narrations window the input source combo box (mic/line-in/sound mixer) and Volume level slider or add button Open windows mixer.
·         Fixed Save to mp4/mov - attached project saves with visual artifacts since 5 sec.
·         Done improve work with NCH Sound Effect Library.
·         Done Fast-Forward/Rewind buttons inside preview windows.
·         Done overlays not moving automatically if insert clip before cover.
·         Done allow straight up resizing of Media list.

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