Disable Auto Run From Win XP And Win 7

USB devices are installed with software that automatically runs when predictable. The Windows operating system will automatically detect the hardware as soon as the USB device is installed. Then the Autorun.inf file is called, and the USB device runs automatically. The Autorun.inf file can be misused to allow other parameters to occur or files to be opened. The following list of commands and parameters will allow you to customize how your USB reacts when booting up. The Autorun.inf file is simply a text file that can be altered with any normal text editor.


·         First of all go to Start and click on Run and type here (gpedit.msc) and press ENTER.
·         After that go to Administrative Templates.
·         In right side in window open the System File.
·         Double click on Turn off auto run and press on Enable.
·         After that go to Turn off auto run an cd room and click on all devices and apply or save. You Are Successfully Disable Auto run Program.
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