NET Framework All In One

NET Framework - the fastest and easiest tool for the spreading of all Windows, which enables developers to easily organize applications, by reducing the size. NET Framework to 86,5% (from 197 MB to 26.5 MB). This means that end users can download and install Windows-based applications considerably faster.  NET Framework Client Profile also allows you to expand opportunities to download and install existing. Now developers can quickly and easily install new and existing client applications to them, so a wider spectators. Any services connecting to these applications will also work up to 10 times faster than when running on Internet Information Services 7.0.

Features :
NET Framework has always been that it allows developers to easily create a completely safe based on networking and applications with great user interfaces. At the same time we also try to take into account the familiarity of end users, so we created. NET Framework Client Profile, which many times faster to install the application on Windows and enables a much more effectual user interfaces. This is a huge step forward for more than 4 million.

·         Performance improvement including better multicourse support, background compost collection, and profiler attach on server.

·         New memory mapped file and numeric types.

·         Easier debugging including put debugging, Watson minimums, mixed mode debugging for 64 bit and code contracts.

·         Innovations in the Visual Basic and C * languages, for example statement lambdas, embedded line continuations, dynamic transmit, and named | optional parameters.

·         Improvements in Data Access and Modeling.

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